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Issue #4 - July 2020
Drop by drop we improve land security


BEWARE project (BEtter Water Management for Advancing Resilient Communities in Europe), co-funded by the European Union LIFE Programme aims to improve hydraulic safety and territorial resilience in the Altovicentino area, Vicenza Province (Italy).
It promotes the adoption of sustainable interventions through a participatory approach that actively involves interested stakeholders, encouraging them to adopt actions to reduce flood damages caused by the heavy rains that increasingly occur in the territory.


Kids University BEWARE: Professor Lucia Bortolini shares her experience

Professor Lucia Bortolini, from the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (Padua University), talks about her experience within the "Kids University BEWARE" initiative, which involved more than 500 children, young people and teachers from primary and secondary schools in Santorso and Marano Vicentino municipalities. The pilot experience – which will be replicated in autumn 2020 - highlighted the importance of educating young and very young people on the water cycle and climate change. Read the interview!

The School of the Common Goods is coming back!

The partners of LIFE BEWARE are relaunching a new edition of the “School of Common Goods”, which will consist of meetings and didactical workshops tackling the concept of common goods and identifying concrete actions for and with the territory. The School will take place next autumn offering two participation modalities: online or through physical presence.


BEWARE Community of Interest is growing more and more

The Community of Interest of LIFE BEWARE is composed by more than 80 partners coming from 10 European countries and is creating a wide network in the field of hydraulic safety and resilience. Its members have the possibility to create synergies with a wide range of stakeholders, engage in the project activities, contribute to the generation of knowledge on hydraulic risk mitigation and ensure the replicability of the project results. Discover how to join the Community!

A rain garden contributes to flood risk mitigation in Santorso

One of the Natural Water Retention Measures that has been realized by LIFE BEWARE in the Altovicentino area is the rain garden, located in Santorso municipality (Libertà square). The innovative rainwater bioretention system mitigates flood risk reducing the damages caused by heavy rainfalls in the area. The intervention has a demonstrative and informative function too, being a good practice that other municipalities and private individuals can replicate in their territories or in residential contexts.

What is your flood risk perception?

To mitigate the impact of heavy and extreme rainfalls events in urban and rural areas, it is essential to be aware of flood risk. LIFE BEWARE analyzed flood risk perception among the Altovicentino citizens and farmers, to acquire further knowledge about the level of awareness and willingness to adopt Natural Water Retention Measures. The report shows that flood risk perception is higher among farmers and it is positively affected by the direct experience of flood damages in individual properties.


Webinar series: Coordinating, Implementing and Financing National Climate and Water Policy Frameworks

Cap-Net, in collaboration with UNDP, the Global Water Partnership, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA), the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), and the Water Governance Facility realized an interesting webinar series highlighting the importance to strengthen climate and water linkages in national frameworks. The webinars aim to improve the coordination across climate and water decision-makers and professionals. Watch the series!


The LIFE Programme of the European Union is co-funding a wide variety of projects that involve public and private entities, civil society organisations and other stakeholders, in the implementation of measures and strategies for climate change adaptation. The LIFE BEWARE project is committed to building a network of
projects and initiatives for soil conservation, sustainable management of natural resources, promotion of environmental governance, biodiversity conservation and much more. In the section below, three important projects implemented in Italy, Spain and Estonia are presented!

LIFE SimetoRES – Urban adaptation and community learning for a RESilient Simeto Valley

LIFE SimetoRES contributes to increasing the resilience to climate change impacts in the urban areas within the Simeto Valley. The project is working to promote Blue-Green Infrastructures (BGIs) as best practices for the management of storm-water in a changing climate; to improve the knowledge of the local population and stakeholders on climate change adaptation and to stimulate the inclusion of BGIs into municipal regulations, within the framework of the Simeto River Agreement.

LIFE ULISES: a new concept of wastewater treatment plants based on energy self-sufficiency and full-recycling

LIFE ULISES demonstrates an integral solution to improve resource efficiency in the water sector, minimizing energy consumption and promoting the safe reuse of nutrients and water. The project, implemented in Spain, shifts conventional wastewater treatment plants into a resource efficient infrastructure, focusing on energy self-sufficiency and the “full-recycling” concept. The integration of different innovative technologies in each water, gas and sludge lines from El Bobar WWTP (Almería, Spain) will produce useful resources from wastewater, such as automotive biofuel, biofertilizers and water for reuse.

LIFE URBAN STORM: Development of Sustainable and Climate Resilient Urban Storm Water Management systems for Nordic municipalities

LIFE UrbanStorm is aimed at increasing climate resilience of Estonian municipalities, especially as regards flash flooding caused by heavy rainfalls. The project includes actions such as the analysis of the existing national and local legislation related to urban flood management, the development of a strategy for climate change adaptation management, capacity building of Estonian municipal water management specialists and engineers, transfer and dissemination of the project results.
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