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Issue #2 - March 2020
Drop by drop we improve land security


BEWARE project (BEtter Water Management for Advancing Resilient Communities in Europe), co-funded by the European Union LIFE Programme aims to improve hydraulic safety and territorial resilience in Altovicentino area, Vicenza Province (Italy).
It promotes the adoption of sustainable interventions through a participatory approach that actively involves interested stakeholders, encouraging them to adopt actions to reduce flood damages caused by the heavy rains that increasingly occur in the territory.


In the next months, LIFE BEWARE will launch several new activities aimed at fostering citizens' active involvement in the improvement of hydraulic safety and resilience. A new Help Desk service for citizens will be activated in the Altovicentino area in order to provide information and support to the realization of Natural Water Retention Measures as rain gardens, rainwater harvestings, green roofs, infiltration trenches, pervious pavements, etc.

Furthermore, a series of roundtables with farmers and farmers' representatives will be organized to identify effective measures to mitigate hydraulic risk and the adoption of sustainable practices for water management in agricultural areas. Last but not least, a new edition of the School of Common Goods will be launched in Santorso and Marano Vicentino. The initiative will involve local citizens and national guests in conferences, workshops and practical laboratories to build up shared good practices revolving around the notion of common goods.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting most of the countries around the world, the realization of these activities is suspended and rescheduled till further notice. In the meantime, the partners of the LIFE BEWARE project are keeping on working and doing their best to share knowledge about climate change adaptation and hydraulic risk prevention in line with their mission.


The first cycle of events organized by LIFE BEWARE in Altovicentino municipalities ended last January. Approximately 1200 people were involved in excursions, trainings and debates that addressed issues related to climate change effects,
hydraulic risk prevention and the different Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM) that can be implemented to best protect water resources. Here are some of the most significant ones!

Anthropocene and human wounds on our planet: is a cure still possible or are we at a dead end?

The current geological era is referred to as “Anthropocene” to emphasize the impact of human actions on the Earth’s environment. On Friday 13th of December 2019, a real trial was simulated involving 230 students and more than 20 professors in the analysis of human responsibilities on the Planet’s environmental degradation.

Water bombs in Schio and Santorso industrial area: yesterday’s decisions and today’s problems

On Saturday 9th of November 2019, LIFE BEWARE organized a walk through the industrial area between Schio and Santorso, to stimulate a critical reflection about urban cementation. Thanks to the participation of the territorial research project Vaghe Stelle and of experts in the field, participants discovered which are the current consequences of past choices and what sustainable approaches can be adopted for the future.

Returning to nature for safer cities: urban green as a tool for resilience

On Wednesday 16th of October 2019, LIFE BEWARE organized a training about sustainable management of rainwater in an urban environment. Experts in the field talked about the benefits of green services explaining the purpose of implementing “green solutions” such as rain gardens, green roofs or bio-retention basins and their way of increasing urban resilience.

“The climate that is changing us: the consequences of a sick planet on our territory”

On Tuesday 8th of October 2019, the meteorologist Marco Rabito held a conference about climate change and its history, its different manifestations and its possible effects on the territory. He mainly focused on floods, providing useful pieces of advice about good practices we can adopt to respond to climate change protecting water resources.

How the forest protects us: Hike to Tretto forest following the watercourse

On Saturday 28th of September 2019, LIFE BEWARE organized a hike to Tretto’s Forest, realized following the watercourse. Experts in the field led participants to the discovery of the several ways in which the forest contributes to defend lowlands, reflecting on the relevant role of woodmen in preserving and protecting forest heritage.


Sponge Cities: what is it all about?

Do you know what a Sponge City is? Could it be a solution to floods in urban areas? Could it contribute to increase access to clean water in cities? Read this interesting article by the World Future Council, perfectly in line with LIFE BEWARE actions in Alto Vicentino area!

Lousada, Portugal: Local governance for environmental and social sustainability

With the initiative “Integrated education for sustainability” the municipality of Lousada is working to promote sustainable environmental and social practices, establishing a reference for Portugal and Europe. The process is contributing to reconnect citizens to the amazing rural landscape, inspiring and supporting alternative ways of creating conservation areas and job opportunities.


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